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  • Sara Laura Wilson

InP nanowire solar cells for next generation energy harvest

Updated: May 15, 2021

Class: Nanomaterials II (MSE 412 at Imperial College London)

Term: Spring 2019

Presented at "Imperial College London 10th Student Symposium on Nanomaterials"

Award: 1st Prize "Best Presenter"

Nanowire (NW) technology has arisen as an attractive competitor to planar photovoltaics due to its unique geometry and optoelectronic properties. Three key advantages were highlighted in this project: first, NW arrays consume significantly less material compared to thin film analogies. Second, NWs can be grown onto lattice mismatched substrates of abundant materials, such as Si, thereby reducing costs. Third, NWs absorb light from a region greater than its physical footprint, due to strong coupling into waveguiding modes. InP NWs show promise for energy applications as they have achieved the highest efficiency (17.8%) compared to other NWs.

Our project was awarded the 1st prize "Best Presenter" award at the "Imperial College London 10th Student Symposium on Nanomaterials".

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