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  • Sara Laura Wilson

Behavioral Studies on Model Lepidopteran Bombyx mori

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab

Position: Undergraduate Researcher (UROP)

June 2019 — February 2020

Photos by Sara L. Wilson.

We established a set of behavioral assays to characterize the movements of hybrid Bombyx mori larvae in both foraging and wandering phases of the fifth instar. We utilized a computer vision approach to analyze video data across three different assays, providing a novel approach to automated analysis of behavioral data of Lepidoptera.

This work will contribute to "Silk Pavilion II”, a reimagining of “Silk Pavilion I”, a previous project in the Mediated Matter Group. It is a large-scale architectural installation that harnesses the silkworms’ innate silk-spinning ability. The structure is a scaffolding system for silkworms in their spinning stage to yield flat silk patches with differentiated material and form. Therefore, the silkworms collectively “weave” a large, natural silk structure.

Direct supervisor: Sunanda Sharma

PI: Neri Oxman

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